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Team handball is an Olympic sport played by over 27 million people in over 197 countries.


Anyone can play! From young children to adult leagues, many people for a lifetime.


All that is needed to play are nets, handballs and shoes.


Team handball is easy to learn, teach and play. Anyone can learn.


Team, handball is a high-scoring, fast-paced athletic sport, with teams of up to 16 players.

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The Canadian Team Handball Federation.

The Canadian Team Handball Federation (Handball Canada) is the official governing body of Handball in Canada as recognized by both Sport Canada and the International Handball Federation, the governing body of handball world wide..

Founded in 1962, Handball Canada is a non-profit organization led by its elected volunteer Board of Directors and serves to support and grow the sport of handball across the country with a specific emphasis on player, coaching, and referee development. In partnership with our members, our national teams have the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan American Championships, and many other international competitions across the world.

Our Board of Directors

David Lee
David LeePresident
E-mail: d.lee@handballcanada.ca
Ward Hrabi
Ward HrabiVice-President / Vice-President
E-mail: w.hrabi@handballcanada.ca
Saribel Deslauriers
Saribel DeslauriersSecretary / Secretaire
Email: s.deslauriers@handballcanada.ca
Karin Kacvinsky
Karin KacvinskyTreasurer / Tresorier
E-mail: k.kacvinsky@handballcanada.ca
Hadi Khalili
Hadi KhaliliDirector of competetion and events / Directeur des competitions et des evenements
E-mail: h.khalili@handballcanada.ca
Kathryn Howden
Kathryn HowdenDirector of marketing and communications / Directeur du marketing et des communications
E-mail: k.howden@handballcanada.ca
Carrie Kuypers
Carrie KuypersDirector of sport development / Directeur du developpement
Nadia Lefebvre
Nadia LefebvreExecutive Officer / Directrice exécutive
E-mail: n.lefebvre@handballcanada.ca

About Handball.

Handball is a high-octane, physical contact sport that shares many of its main properties with football and basketball – only played much, much faster.

There are a few different types of handball: court, beach, mini, and wheelchair. 30 million people play handball around the world.

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