New Handball Canada website and social media accounts

October 3, 2017

As you have already noticed we have a new launched a new website that is much more modern, user friendly, engaging, and informative. We will be sharing all the happenings of handball in Canada with match and training videos, photo galleries, coaching, referee, and competition news from not only coast to coast to coast but from across the world too. It is the first part of our rebranding which also includes new social media accounts that YOU can directly be a part of by contributing your handball stories, pictures, and videos. We've also created a brand new newsletter that you can sign up for via email right on the front page of our site to access all the coolest and latest things in Canadian and international handball. Just like with our social media accounts you can be a part of the newsletter by sharing your handball story with the rest of the world! So follow us, like us, subscribe to us, just check it out and be the first to see what's going on in the world of handball. 

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