Beach Handball Day in Ontario

July 27, 2018


Team Handball Ontario is hosting their 1st annual Beach Handball Day on the sandy shores of Lake Ontario at Toronto's Woodbine Beach on Saturday August 11th.

The friendly event starts at 9:30am and runs through until 4pm with a post-match drinks and dinner social to follow afterwards at a restaurant/bar in the famed Beaches area. The event is open to any individuals over the age of 16 and each team will be co-ed. A female player must be on the court at all times. A team will have four players on the court and can have a roster of six.

Games will be 2 x 10 minute halves and 1 point will be given for a normal goal, 2 for a trick shot, 3 for an outstanding goal or goal by the GK.

To register contact