Unique testing session for women's national camp

January 29, 2018

The Junior and Senior Girls National ID Camp wrapped up in Iceland last week and featured an innovative and valuable and measurement testing session with the Iceland Handball Federation in partnership with Reykjavik University. 

The girls were tested on a series of skills including the velocity of their 7m and 9m shots, speed tests, medicine ball throws among others.

Everyone at Handball Canada would like to graciously thank all of our dear friends at the Iceland Handball Federation and the University of Reykjavik for providing a world class facility and expertise on the project as well as a a very big thank you to Edmonton native Paul Chan for providing what is undoubtedly some of the best handball photography in the country.



A vertical jump assessment

A medicine ball toss assessment

Players were tested in ball throw velocity at 7m and 9m distances

A throwback to the good old days with the sprint test

Alberta's Katya Chan gives everything she has during the testing module