Senior and Junior Women arrive in Iceland for major camp

January 29, 2018


In one of the largest training camps in Canadian handball history 42 of the nation's elite junior and senior level players have arrived for a week long trip in Iceland; given its small population is consistently one of the best pound for pound nations in the world.

Women's National Coach, Nathalie Brochu, is excited at the prospects of what the trip will bring to the program.

"We're all very excited to see which talent will rise to the occasion here. We have two goals: for the juniors, it is a tryou to see who will make the IHF Trophy in the fall and the main goal of the seniors is to prepare them for the next two year cyclce which includes the Pan American Games."

On Monday the team seniors opened up with a five goal victory over division 2 club Vikingur.

Tuesday will focus on practices and theory while Wednesday will see exhibition games against HK Iceland (Handknattleiksfélag Kópavogs) on Wednesday for the seniors while the juniors will face Reykjavik Athletic.

Thursday will see the senior girls enjoy a special module that will focus on measurement tests with the Iceland Handball Federation in partnership with Reykjavik University. The girls will be tested on the speed of their 9m shot, speed tests, medicine ball throws among others.

Matches that evening will see the juniors take on HK Iceland while the seniors will feature in a unique inter-gender match as they take on HK Iceland's U16 boys side.

Friday will be the final day of matches with the seniors born in 1994 and before take on HK with those born in 1995 and later face Stjarnen Handball. The junior girls will look to leave on a winning note with a game against Stjarnen.

Beyond the training, assessments, and matches, the players and staff will take some time to enjoy the reknowned beauty of Iceland including a trip to the famous Blue Lagoon and will also take in the Island Cup match between 1st Division sides Valur Handball and Selfoss Handball.


1.    Samantha Andrea Koosau (Champlain)
2.    Myriam Laplante (Champlain)
3.    Rosali Langlois (Champlain)
4.    Vassilia Gagnon (Champlain)
5.    Émily Routhier (Sherbrooke)
6.    Audrey Marcoux (Sherbrooke)
7.    Nassima Benhacine (Granby)
8.    Karine Trudel-Crête (Champlain)
9.    Marie-Pier Beaudry (Granby)
10.    Catherine St-Germain (Champlain)
11.    Sara Ducas (Champlain)
12.    Fumiko Fraser (SHF)
13.    Myriam Zimmer (Champlain)
14.    Émilie Sauriol-Joly (SFH)
15.    Karine Laroche Lavigne (Champlain)
16. Yuki Landry (Champlain)
17. Justine Bujold (Champlain)
18. Alexandra Pivin (Drummondville)
19. Bryn McDougall (Alberta)
20. Ashlyn Hodgson (Alberta)
21. Chelsea Antonio (Alberta)
22. Janel Rogiani (Alberta)
23. Haven Wong (Alberta)
24. Keira Hopkinson (Alberta)
25. Brittany Launhardt (Alberta)
26. Katya Chan (Alberta)

HEAD COACH: Nathalie Brochu
ASST. COACH: Audrey Vanslette
CHEF DE MISSION: Nancy Casista


1.    Claudie Dorval (Lévis)
2.    Alexanne Brault (Champlain)
3.    Agathe Lajeunesse (Celtique)
4.    Laurie Lacasse (Granby)
5.    Dylane Tremblay (Drummondville)
6.    Andréanne Laurin-Fortier (Celtique)
7.    Justine Deschamps (Laval)
8.    Ireland Wong
9.    Jenna Caharel (g)
10.  Jenna Nelson
11.  Amanda Nelson
12.  Shauna Peng
13.  Sarah Koopmans
14.  Lily To
15.  Dawn Song
16.  Morgan Deboon
17. Catherine Leger

HEAD COACH: Stéphane Berteau
PHYSIO: Stéphane Paquette